The Various Types of Floods That Can Cause Mold Growth in Miami, Florida


Flooding in a home or business can be caused by a variety of factors. However, all types of floods can cause water damage, such as the growth of toxic mold. As a result, it is critical for home and business owners to be aware of the various types of flooding that can occur. Flooding can thus be avoided, and if it does occur, people will know what to do to deal with it. For a Mold Damage Repair in Miami Florida, call the experts like Union Restoration.

Floodwater damage can vary depending on the type of flood. However, if we are more knowledgeable about different types of flooding and their effects, we will be better prepared to deal with flooding if it occurs, which is a common concern for residents of Miami, Florida.

When the Rain Causes Flooding – Flash Floods

Flash floods are caused by above-average precipitation in a short period of time. The result is the flooding of rivers, lakes, canals, and streams, which can all rise very quickly. This is particularly true in low-lying areas such as Miami, Florida.

As a result, homes and businesses near bodies of water are more likely to be affected by flash floods during storms. Connect with the experts for Mold Damage Repair in Miami Florida as soon as possible.

Sewage Backup and Flooding

A sewage backup into a home or business can occur for a variety of reasons. These include a faulty pipe system, septic tank issues, and rain-related pipe flooding. Whatever the cause of sewage flooding, the type of liquid involved is even more dangerous than regular water. This is due to the fact that it can harbor bacteria and toxic waste, which can harm the health of anyone nearby.

Rising Sea Level Flooding

You may be familiar with tidal floods if you live in South Florida. These occur when sea levels rise as a result of natural disasters such as hurricanes. These floods typically affect homes and businesses located near the ocean. However, in the case of major hurricanes, this type of flooding can affect structures located hundreds of miles away from the storm.

If you are aware of a hurricane that may cause coastal flooding in your home or business, the best thing to do is to evacuate before the storm hits.

In the aftermath of a flood, consult the experts at Union Restoration.

At Union Restoration, we specialize in resolving water damage issues, including all types of flooding. If flooding and water damage cause mold growth, we can provide remediation services to help your business or home recover. To know more about our services in detail, call us at 786-600-0270 or may fill up our contact us form.