How Does Mold Smell and How Can You Detect It at Home?


Most people would agree that every house has its own distinct odour, which often reflects the nature of the home and those who live in it. Mold, for example, is one of the factors that can cause the smell to be less than appealing.

And, while mould does not always have a strong odour, it is undeniably noticeable, can detract from the appearance of your home, and can create a very unhealthy living environment. Call the experts at Union Restoration for Mold Damage Repair in Miami Florida.

Fortunately, we’re here to explain what mould smells like and how to spot it. While we’re at it, we’ll look into a few ways to deal with it!

What Smells Like Mold?

Mold is frequently associated with a lingering, musty, and extremely pungent odour. Others describe it as having an earthy, meaty odour, or even an odour similar to rotten wood or wet socks. However, regardless of who you ask, the smell can be unbearable and extremely unpleasant for most homeowners. Contact the Mold Damage Repair in Miami Florida as soon as possible.

But why does mould have such a foul odour? Simply put, mould emits gases known as MVOCs, or microbial volatile organic compounds, as it grows. As a result, you’re not only smelling mould, but also every chemical it emits at various stages of its growth cycle. While the majority of these chemicals are safe, some can be harmful to your family and pets’ health.

How Do I Spot It At Home?

In general, you can detect mould by simply walking around an infested area because the odour is usually detectable. So, if you smell something musty, woody, or damp, you’re probably dealing with mould. If you are still unsure about the source of the odour, you can try opening a window. Why? Because the odour of mould will linger regardless of how many windows you open or air fresheners you use.

What Should I Do If I Notice Mold?

It’s important to remember that the longer you wait to address the mould smell, the more it will spread and become more offensive. As a result, it’s critical for homeowners to identify and eliminate the source of the odour as soon as possible. In fact, if left untreated, it can spread to new locations, making removal even more difficult and expensive. And, while most people can deal with minor mould infestations, it’s always best to seek professional help.

Fortunately, a mould remediation company is always available. We can not only inspect your home and detect mould spores, but we can also take the necessary steps to remove and prevent future infestations. And, best of all, we do it all at some of the market’s most competitive prices!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get rid of that pesky mold smell with Union Restoration. To know more about our services in detail, call us at 786-600-0270 or may fill up our contact us form.